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Thanks For Your Interest!

Thanks for checking us out.  Currently, we are contracting life licensed insurance agents throughout California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada.  If you live in one of these States, there is a great opportunity for you to make some serious income while helping hundreds / thousands of families in the process! 

My name is Mike Stambaugh, Regional Manager for Golden Memorial & Lincoln Heritage, the #1 final expense agency & company in the world!  I started with the agency in 2010 after leaving the very unpredictable (and unforgiving) real estate industry and it's been the most lucrative business decision of my life. 


I love helping agents make 6 figures and beyond and I'd love the opportunity to help you too.  That said, it's a 2 way street.  If you're going to make 6 figures in this business, be ready to go ALL IN.  Part time work typically yields part time results though we did have an agent make about $110,000 in 2017 working only 19 hours per week!  Not too bad!

Give me a call and let's see if we'd be a good fit!

The 10 agents below recently qualified for an all inclusive trip to to Palm Springs, CA which was based on a local 90 day contest.  In February, 2018, the company took us to Banff National Park in Canada, Kona, Hawaii in 2017 and we will be heading to Santiago, Chile in 2019.  Hurry...  There is still time to qualify!


  1. Erica S.  $58,015.00 = roughly $23,000 in income (not including renewals / passive income)

  2. Pete C.  $55,946.00

  3. Michael H.  $51,044.00

  4. Jullie P. W.  $43,786.00

  5. Joseph O.  $41,780.00

  6. Connie M.  $41,383.00

  7. James R.  $37,214.00

  8. Eric S.  $28,560.00

  9. Randol F.  $28,098.00

  10. Williams S.  $24,771.00 = roughly $10,000 in income (not including renewals / passive income) 

If you are ready to start earning great money and help a ton of families in the process, give me a call today!  My direct line: 562-364-7932

I Look forward to hearing from you soon!



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