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Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company 'LHLIC'

From the very beginning, Lincoln Heritage was built on two overriding principles. First, respect for the individual, whether the person is a customer or a home office or field associate. Next, we insist on an all-encompassing devotion to personalized, prompt and accurate service. Everything else flows from those two ideals. Read Lincoln Heritage reviews or a consumer advocate Funeral Advantage review.



  Golden Memorial 

Operating in 49 states with over 6,000 agents nationwide, Lincoln Heritage continues its tremendous growth despite any “recession.” Lincoln Heritage has acquired more than 25 insurance-related businesses spanning over 50 years. By combining these acquisitions with strong support from LHLIC’s field force, the company currently insures approximately 690,000 policyholders with a current amount of insurance in-force of $5.1 billion.  


Funeral Consumer Guardian Society 

Upon the death of a Funeral Advantage policyholder, the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS) is ready to go into action to help the survive loved ones in charge of funeral arrangements as well as cope with the many details that immediately arise. This program is exclusive to Lincoln Heritage and we’ve seen many families save thousands of dollars on funeral expenses over the years.

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