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3 Reasons Why I Sell Final Expense Insurance

There are many reasons why I choose to sell Final Expense Insurance. In this short article, I’ll share three of my top reasons. It all comes down to “Making a Difference” one family at a time.

People Helping People

Which leads me right into my 1st reason: If you are the type of person that enjoys helping others, this industry is for you. As a final expense agent you will spend most of your time looking for people to help.

We all have to spend our time doing something, and I have personally found it to be extremely fulfilling to help families prepare for the inevitable.

Don’t Rock the Boat

The 2nd reason why I picked this product is based on my personal research. I have found this to be a stable and growing market. While other industries that I have worked in, or been interested in working in have been experiencing major fluctuations over the past 10 or so years.

I’ve witnessed this market remain stable or grow. I have seen growth momentarily plateau, but I have not seen it dip or bottom out as I and the rest of the country have seen other markets completely burst. I believe that is for the simple and common sense reason that we will all die someday.

Word of the Day: Residual Income

As much as I like helping people and “Making a Difference”, it is very important that I make a difference in my own family. Which brings me to my 3rd reason for why I sell final expense insurance. Within this industry I have the opportunity to create unlimited residual income.

It is a fantastic feeling to both help someone and know you will be paid for the life of the policy.

I have an amazing sense of freedom. I know that my financial well being is in my own hands and not at the whim of an employer or a fickle market.

If you are someone that loves to help people, are looking for a stable opportunity with unlimited earning potential, then the final expense insurance industry may be a great choice for you as well.

– Chappale Linn Burton

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