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Better To Believe Than Disbelieve – A President’s Message

“It is better to believe than to disbelieve. In doing so, you bring everything into the realm of possibility.” Albert Einstein

If you are like me, you are a bit surprised to see a quote from Albert Einstein that reads as if it came from a positive thinking self-help manual. After all, he was a man of science; perhaps the greatest scientific mind ever. His was a world of equations and experiments leading to scientific proof or refutation based on the data. He was certainly not leading a sales rally based on positive mental attitude.

But think for a minute on what he accomplished. He took conventional scientific thinking, based on what was considered irrefutable, hard evidence, and stood it on its ear. Everything that was considered beyond dispute, including the entire concept of space and time, was reordered based upon his insights and breakthroughs.

Ask yourself this; is it even possible to have the fortitude, perseverance, drive, and self-confidence to go against the perceived wisdom of all who had come before you if you do not have a remarkable belief in what you are doing?

The upper level of what you can achieve in life is limited very precisely by what you sincerely and fervently believe you can do. You may very well achieve less success than what you believe is possible, but you will never, ever go beyond what you believe to be possible.

Those of us who follow sports know all about this. When the game is on the line in a pressure packed situation, who is the one who is most likely to come through with the big play? It is the star player who has achieved so much success and built up so much belief in his own ability, he relishes the chance to take the last shot. Does he always make it? Of course not, but in his mind he wants to have the chance to take that last shot because he believes that he will make it. He visualizes success.

On the other hand, we have all observed those players who are called “chokers.” Those are the ones who are full of self-doubt; who do not believe in themselves and who would rather do anything than take the responsibility for the team. When the game is on the line, they run and hide from the ball. Their failure is preordained from their belief system.

I guess it goes without saying that every successful belief system must be based upon a positive outlook. There are millions of people who are running around in the world who have very firm beliefs; unfortunately, what they believe in is all negative. Perhaps there are great achievers who have built their success based upon negativity; I personally have not run across any. The achievers that I know are believers who are always looking to turn any and all negatives into positives.

A positive belief system is the foundation for a successful and noteworthy life.

President Tom Londen The Londen Companies Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance

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